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Mikka International
  (trading as) Cosmos Internet Services
ABN: 97 075 155 225

    • WEBHOST:
      Get your company or personal website cheaply and reliably web presence plus 10 free unlimited email addresses & mail (pop) boxes,  10Mb hosting space, 5 gigs of data transfer.
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    • ACCESS:
      Do you need access too? Well, we can arrange for unlimited DSL or dial in accounts.
      should you need multiple dial in accounts for your staff, click here.
    • FREE ANTIVIRUS: Protect yourself against email born viruses, Email Antivirus checking for your domains - get the mails checked and cleaned before they arrive at your mail accounts. 
    • FREE SPAM FILTER: Protect yourself SPAM - we run the latest Spam checking engines to ensure that most unsolicited mail never gets to your domains mail boxes.
    • Should you need to run specialized applications, you can also Co-Locate your servers in our secure premises. Remotely access your servers on a 24x7 basis.